Proposal Template (MS WordExcel)

Our Proposal Template can be used to create business proposals that will sell your products and services. You can use this template to show prospective clients that:

  • You are a trustworthy professional organization
  • You understand the client’s needs and requirements
  • Your products and/or services match their requirements
  • You have a proven track record with solid references
  • You can offer a compelling proposal that stands out


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Proposal Template: Purpose

The purpose of a business proposal template is to help persuade your readers to take action, for example, to persuade a potential customer to choose your goods and/or services, or to persuade a government body to fund a project or implement a program.

You can use this 28-page Microsoft Word template to write concise, effective, and comprehensive business proposals. The success of a proposal depends on how describe WHAT you are proposing, HOW you plan to do it, WHEN you plan to do it, and HOW MUCH it is going to cost.

This proposal template was designed with these requirements in mind. It contains the basic components of a business proposal: start (the Executive Summary), middle (the Body of material to be presented) and an end (the Conclusion).

Proposal Template: Screenshots

We have also included several attractively formatted tables, for example, daily rates and costs may be presented in a matrix so the reader can see where the final figures come from. Likewise, we have included Excel spreadsheets, pre-populated with sample material to get you up and running.

These include a Project Costs spreadsheet and a detailed Work Breakdown Structure (again with sample data) which you can use as a framework for your proposals.

This template helps you articulate your key strengths, your understanding of their requirements, your proposed solution, and what’s most important, how they will benefit by doing business with you.

Executive Summary

Company Profile and Details

Describe your understanding of their requirements

Describe the effort required to complete the project

Describe the solution or service you are proposing

Respond to each requirement as outlined in the RFP document

Describe your Project Plan, including the Start/End dates for each task

Provide a matrix of the resources required

Describe the qualifications of your key people

Provide references who will endorse you

Outline the Costs. Provide line item details and daily rates

2 Free Proposal Templates


Free Proposal Template #1

Free Proposal Template #2

Proposal Template: Table of Contents

1 Executive Summary

2 General Information

2.1 Company Details
2.2 Company Profile
2.3 Benefits
2.4 Main Arguments
2.5 Agency Effort Required

3 Solution Overview
3.1 Response to Requirements

4 Project Management
4.1 Project Plan
4.2 Project Estimating
4.2.1 Work Days by Phase
4.2.2 Work Days by Role
4.2.3 Experience
4.3 Risks
4.4 Issues
4.5 Assumptions

5 Qualifications
5.1 Pen Portraits
5.2 References
5.2.1 Reference # 1
5.2.2 Reference # 2
5.2.3 Reference # 3

6 Costs
6.1 Fixed Price Costs
6.2 Itemized Cost Breakdown
6.3 Technical Support

7 Conclusions

8 Appendix

3 Free Proposal Excel Templates

Project Costs including sample data

Work Breakdown Structure

Proposal Template: Content & Format

The package also includes two additional Microsoft Word templates, which have the same material but different cover sheets in case you have a preference.

  • All of the templates can be modified very easily and contain no macros, embedded files or other type of plug-ins.
  • The Klariti branding and logos can be removed by simply deleting the images from the cover sheets.
  • These templates are in Microsoft Word and Excel format and can be downloaded immediately online.

The template pack includes the following documents:

3 x Proposal templates 28 pages each Download Word template
Projects Costs  1 x worksheet Download Excel template
Work Breakdown Structure  1 x worksheet Download Excel template

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