Procedure Writing: How to Create ‘Action’ Steps

Action steps are the individual steps performed in a procedure. Most procedures are performed in a sequence, however, you also need to consider other factors, such as multiple choices when performing a task, its secondary tasks, and other related procedures. To round off the procedure, it helps to put it in context – where does […]

5 Procedure Writing Guidelines

Want to improve your procedures? Today we look at five simple ways to sharpen your SOPs. Let’s look at five terms frequently used in procedure manuals, instructional guides, and process design. 5 Procedure Writing Guidelines In procedures, the following five words are often used incorrectly. To avoid these mistakes, do as follows” Button Names – […]

How to Write the ‘Benefits’ Section in Procedures

Before you start writing your procedure, give some thought to how this will benefit them both from a personal and business level. In other words, you can encourage the reader to use your procedures if you describe the ways their life will be easier if they follow the steps exactly as you have written them. […]

SOP Writing – How Much Detail Is Required?

How much information do you need to include in your SOP? One of the dilemmas for procedure writing is working out what level of detail is required when creating SOPs (standard operating procedures). Too little and the user can’t perform their tasks correctly. Too much and the documents seem so dense that nobody wants to […]

[How To] Create an SOP Naming Convention

Why are naming conventions so important in procedure writing? If you’re responsible for writing SOPs, then you need to develop naming conventions that help you control how procedures are written, reviewed, published, and archived. Don’t worry – it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Naming Conventions 101 The first question is: what are naming conventions? […]