How to Write Shorter (SOP) Procedures

Write your procedures so that reader can perform the task correctly. Sounds obvious, right? Most procedure writers make the mistake of adding too much information, and cluttering up the text, or leaving critical information out, so the reader can not perform the task. In this tutorial, let’s look at how to reduce the word count […]

5 Ways to Highlight Where Procedures Are Performed

What do we mean by the location in procedures? What we mean is WHERE does the user perform this actual task. This might seem obvious but what can happen is: The writer assumes the reader will know where to perform the action. The place in the application, for example, a menu option is in different […]

Procedure Titles: 5 Ways to Improve

Recently, we looked at how much detail is required when writing procedures. Let’s look at the title section of your procedure. This will be the first piece of content the reader encounters, so it’s important to give it some thought.  You want to make sure it’s accurate but also effective. For example, how long should […]

6 Screenshot Mistakes You Must Avoid in SOPs

Should I add screenshots to my procedures? It depends for several reasons. For example, when writing SOPs, I prefer to add a high res process diagram at the end of the procedure. This shows it connections to other procedures and exchanges between actors. However, sometimes it helps to include a procedure in the procedure if, […]