20 Ways to Improve the Narrative Section in SOPs

The following checklist describes how to write the narrative for procedures. Essentially, there are three things to be aware of: 1. The numbering of the steps 2. The description of the actions 3. The accuracy of the steps and actions in relation to the diagram. Later, we’ll look at how to write the actual procedure. […]

5 Procedure Writing Guidelines

Want to improve your procedures? Today we look at five simple ways to sharpen your SOPs. Let’s look at five terms frequently used in procedure manuals, instructional guides, and process design. 5 Procedure Writing Guidelines In procedures, the following five words are often used incorrectly. To avoid these mistakes, do as follows” Button Names – […]

Procedure Writing: Okay v OK

In this procedure writing course, we look at different ways to improve your SOPs, processes, and instructions materials, so you have a consistent and effective writing style. Sometimes, it’s the small things that make a difference. And a good example of this is when to do with OK, Ok, and Okay. Which one should you […]

Why Short Procedures Work Best… sometimes

If you are new to writing procedures there can be a temptation to dress up the language of the SOP to disguise your lack of experience or make the procedure sound more ‘professional’. The opposite usually happens. The procedure sounds stiff, doesn’t flow, and is often unreadable. Instead, use short words, keep to the point, […]

The Gil Grissom Guide to Microsoft Word 2007

Sandra wants to know where is the Styles menu option in Microsoft Word 2007.

She wants to update her new business plan and add Notes, Messages, Quotes and other pre-formatted styles. The Styles in Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 seem to be different.

Even Gil Grissom would have a hard time doing this.

ProcessCapture Tool Delivers Documentation & Virtualization

There are already a number of tools which use pictorial imagery to increase this ease of use for the mainstream business user. Examples include the new “Problem Steps Recorder” in Windows 7, “Google Maps” now showing small map sections when giving directions and “Skype” bringing ease of use to the VOIP market. ProcessCapture allows a […]

The Requirements Bill of Materials: A Walkthrough

Image by Ivan Walsh via Flickr Bill Lewis describes a model for application requirements based on a bill-of-materials metamodel. In it he shows how “the imprecise and ambiguous nature of business requirements as a major factor contributing to the high costs and low success rates in system development efforts.”

Procedures Writing Guidelines

Image via Wikipedia A Standard Operating Procedure is a set of instructions having the force of a directive, covering those features of operations that lend themselves to a definite or standardized procedure without loss of effectiveness. Standard Operating Policies and Procedures can be effective catalysts to drive performance improvement and improve organizational results. Most quality […]

Process Design – Tips for Helping Your Team Adapt

Image by Geodog via Flickr So you have decided to adopt a more formal process for getting your projects done, congratulations. It is a good decision that will help you better manage your projects, make your team more efficient and improve your chances of coming in on schedule and on budget.